About Samin Chemical Company,


Samin Chemical Co., Samin, has been active for more than 12 years in international trading market and well aware of Iranian chemical and petrochemicals, has the honor to show up in world markets and produces the best goods accordingly.

Our company not only concentrate on selecting the premium products with the highest quality, but also is anxious to offer its goods with the safest and the most attractive packing modes, and this is exactly why our high quality products have been in good demand in various countries during long period of time so as consumers may search for procure and consume our products in complete peace of mind.

We are from big nation,


Samin Chemical Co is of the reputable manufacturers in Iran and member of the following organizations:

1-Iran Chamber of Commerce

2-Iran - India Chamber of Commerce

3-Iranian Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Products Exporters Union (OPEX)

4- Export Development Fund Oil Gas petrochemical Products (OPEX FUND)

5-Paraffin Manufacturers Cooperative (PMC)

6-Guild Association of Paraffin and Derivatives Producers (GAPDP)

Samin Chemical Co annual turnover is over than five million US dollars.



2002 .Oct. 08 [Established Samin Chemical CO Factory (Islamic Republic of Iran)]

2003. July. 13 [Registration of Samin Chemical CO.]

2003 .Dec. 14 [Receiving the export license, Islamic Republic of Iran]

2007 .July .30 [Passing the Registration of Reputable Company]

2008 .Jan. 26  [Passing the Registration of Trade Mark as" SAMIN"]

Our philosophy,


Honesty and Prestige, Communication, Innovation, Faith and Confidence.

We believe faith is the path which leads to success. We're confident that we are able to convert our ideal into reality.

Conduct itself before any business. Keep honest and prestige as foundation this is a long existing proverb in Oran. We persist in “HONESTY and PRESTIGE “with our clients. We carry out this creed in the practical transaction, which brings us great reputation from clients.

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